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Home Design Services

I am looking for engaging, authentic and ethical individuals who want to create a home environment for themselves in a joyful and creative way. A home for themselves, which has heart and where they feel free.

You have the courage to bring a contemporary, modern architecture to life that is vibrant and unique to you and your lifestyle.

Where you have your holy place because you are worth it.

The experience of building in this new unique way, should be a joy and enrich your life.

The house-building journey is an exciting and unique life experience.

Choosing to build a house is something many of us find overwhelming. We ask ourselves where do we start, what do we want, how much is it going to cost, are we brave enough to think big? We are bombarded with images of beautiful dwellings, we are inundated with information, it can be intimidating to sit down and begin the process of designing your dream home. 

It is often difficult to know exactly what you want when you sit down to begin planning your dream home.

Letting go of all preconceptions, from the flood of information and beginning with a short period of self-reflection is often difficult, but very important before moving into the realm of making a home.

My approach as your architect is to guide you through this self-reflection with the aim of establishing your true requirements.

The design process I am offering you is a close client/architect collaboration with the client being fully engaged and very much in control of the manifestation of their home. The aim is to have a house that is honest and authentic to its owners and is a positive addition to its surrounding context.

Into The Nest


About Me

I was born in 1965 in South Africa. My parents are both from England and emigrated in the 1960s, where my father formed his own design practice. At the age of nine, I returned with my family to England and lived in London and then in Kent.

My professional career began in Germany in 1990, where in 1992 I first became a member of the Chamber of Architects in Ludwigshafen while working for Prof. Heene. Between 1994 and 1996 I worked as a project architect near the city of Freiburg and in September 1996 I moved with my family back to England, where I spent three years in London working on national and international architectural projects.

In 1999 I founded my architectural practice of WS Architects and realized numerous buildings in the area of residential and commercial sector. I successfully ran the office until I returned to Germany in 2012/13 and worked as a project manager for large construction projects in Munich. In January 2020 I moved to Berlin to work as a project manager for a landmark development on the Kurfürstendamm. In June 2021 I started working as a freelance architect and I am now working on my new project "Into The Nest".


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